France, western Europe’s largest country, possesses extraordinary diversity – from the sunny beaches of the French Riviera to the rugged cliffs of Brittany, from the vineyards of the central plateau to the glaciers of the Alps, from the apple orchards of Normandy to the jagged peaks of the Pyrenées, there is variety not just in landscapes but in just about every other aspect of life – presenting the visitor with an exciting choice of travel experiences.

Add to this the nation’s rich history, visible in the many museums, art galleries, châteaux and other attractions and it is easy to see why France attracts more visitors than any other European nation. 

France is renowned for the range and quality of its shopping, from weekly street markets to chic boutiques and most especially for the leading names in designer clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, all obtainable across the country.

French food and wine have acquired a global reputation with good cause. Places to eat can be found in abundance, enabling visitors to sample anything from a nine-course gourmet repast in a sophisticated restaurant or a relaxed meal in a local bistro, to lingering over a coffee and croissant in a street café.

Paris, France’s elegant capital, in addition to its splendid museums, art galleries, nightlife and other attractions, is also home to Disneyland® Paris Theme Park – a magic kingdom of non-stop entertainment, fun and fantasy for all the family and with spectacular themed hotels on site, the enjoyment can go on day and night.

In the south, the glorious beaches, palm-lined seafronts, superb dining and entertainment, fine hotels and excellent shopping have long attracted discerning travellers to Nice, Monaco and the other stylish resorts of France’s Mediterranean shore.

Whether you are looking to relax on a sandy beach or ski in a mountain resort, sample the wines in an historic Loire chateau or discover the timeless countryside of Gascony, try your luck at Monte Carlo or explore the poignant battlefields and cemeteries of the northern plains, France truly does have something for everybody.