The Philippines, a cluster of more than 7,000 islands lying between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, offers the holidaymaker a kaleidoscopic diversity of entertainment, scenery, experiences and cultural activities.

Here Spanish, American and Asian influences have met and mingled, resulting in a way of life that is uniquely Filipino. The cultural confluence can be found everywhere. Variety can be found in landscapes too; rice terraces climbing up mountain sides, islands rimmed by sandy beaches and sapphire seas and a perfectly symmetrical volcano rising above the encircling forest.

The Philippines has a variety to offer. Here you will find lively cities with entertainment to suit all tastes; remote islands with vast, empty beaches and mountainous interiors, secluded coves where giant sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs; Taal Lake, formed in the caldera of a volcano with another volcano set on an island in its midst; rapids to be shot at Pagsanjan; and offshore waters abounding with game fish.

With the Filipinos’ love for festivals, fiestas and enjoyment of life in general, visitors will find a wealth of diversions throughout the islands. In Manila there are regular performances of classical concerts and ballet. Shoppers will find the Philippines to be one of Asia’s most inexpensive destinations.