Corporate Travel

Tristar Travel is proud to serve as one of the leaders in corporate travel arrangements. 

Whether you seek leisure travel opportunities or complete professional travel management, our team is eager to put their experience and resources to work for you.

Tristar Travel is a dynamic company that adapts its services to the needs of each of its clients. For decades, small, mid-sized, and large multinational corporations have all found Tristar Travel to be amongst the best corporate travel and incentive travel support available.

We dedicate specific human resources to each of our clients and create travel profiles for all members of our clients’ staff. This ensures that your company develops a strong relationship with our staff and that travel procurement be as efficient as possible.

Carre Aviation

Carre Aviation is dedicated to giving you everything you would expect from your luxury jet. We are an international company with decades of experience in the aviation industry, able to push aside red tape and bureaucracy to give you what you deserve, the best possible service.

Our philosophy is to manage your aircraft according to your specific demands. Carre Aviation offers the very best in service and takes pride in adapting to suit and culture and traditions of its clients.

Our teams are trained specifically to fit the needs of each client by fulfilling your wishes with discretion and confidentiality.

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