China's tourism industry has become one of the hot spots in the country's already sizzling economy. As the country becomes increasingly ‘tourist-friendly' with improvements to infrastructure and transportation, especially at major tourist sites, the number of overseas visitors to China grows each year.

China possesses a near inexhaustible supply of unique attractions for the traveler to enjoy. China boasts vast terrain, splendid landscapes, rich cultures, multiple nationalities and ethnic backgrounds with various customs and exquisite arts and crafts. The possibilities for exploration and enjoyment are endless. Moreover, with the diversity of Chinese cooking, a visitor is guaranteed to find something that suits his or her appetite.

One of the grandest construction feats in the history of the world, the Great Wall winds for 6700 kilometers (4163 miles) across deserts, grasslands, mountains, and plateaus maintaining a height of 15-20 feet, and a width of up to 25 feet.

China is home to 56 ethnic groups, each with its own history and culture.