Tunisia, the smallest of the Maghreb countries, possesses an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage. With a long and gentle seacoast, Tunisia, the northernmost country of Africa has for over 3,000 years witnessed the passage of Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Turks, Spanish and French – each leaving a part of their story in stone or mosaics, on the hills of Carthage and the threshold of the Sahara.

Sightseeing The ruins of Carthage, Dougga, El-Jem (where the 30,000-seat amphitheatre is the most impressive Roman monument in North Africa), historical ruins, Islamic architecture, desert landscapes and stunning coastline.

Family activities include children’s entertainment and activities at the beach resorts.

Shopping - What you can buy – Traditional carpets, rugs and ceramics, copper work, wood and stone carvings and handmade jewellery. Where you can buy – Souks and state-owned department stores.

There is a wide choice of entertainment from nightclubs and discothèques to fine restaurants and casinos.

Sports and leisure include Sailing, diving, hiking, camel trekking, horse riding, golf, spas and health treatments.