Like a bird defying gravity, the plane graciously glides down towards Male' International Airport. A glance out the window and your heart skips a beat.

The magnificence of nature slowly unfolds before your eyes. Sunshine embracing the green little patches enclosed by pure white and surrounded by glistening blues, viewed from above truly takes your breath away. A vision so unique that you can't help but wonder if it is real. Only nature could have painted a picture so perfect. Only nature in its hurried motion could have created such splendor as the Maldives.

The beauty does not recede with the touching down of the plane. The little green patches transform into graceful palms that gently sway to the cool breeze, endless white beaches with sand so soft that it caresses your feet, waters so clear that you see the fish playing in the depths of the lagoons. The Maldives, a tropical hideaway, home to about 270,000 natives 1,350 different species of coral and fish.